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    Anti Aliasing: Intel HD Graphics (i3 core)


      A few days ago I got a new laptop, an HP Pavilion g6, which has an i3 processor.


      It seemed much better than my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 1420, intel pentium dual, more than 3 years old). It is better in many ways, until I played some games on my new laptop.


      The game I played was Runescape, which isn't really a game with great graphics (its played in the browser and runs on Java), so I assumed my new laptop would deliever great (or even better) performance.


      However, I was confused when I changed the graphics setting for Anti-Aliasing from 'none' to '4x' (on Open GL). I noticed absolutely no difference. It turns out, after I poked around on the Runescape forums, that this problem happens to everyone with Intel HD Graphics who plays Runescape.


      My old inspiron 1420 graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, and it could do anti-aliasing on Runescape. It feels like I'm having a downgraded gaming experience on this new laptop, when I expected an upgraded experience.


      Is there any way to somehow activate anti aliasing? Or is there a way to update the i3 it to make it possible?