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    DQ45CB motherboard replacement


      It seems my server motherboard's (Intel DQ45CB) SATA connections died out on me.  I am looking for a new replacement motherboard.  I am finding anyone who says they have it, actually don't and they tell me they are out of stock and may never get anymore.  My question is, can anyone recommend a similar motherboard with all (or most of) the same specifications and attributes?


      Thank you.


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          The only true alternative i believe you have if you are not using any "Fancy" RAID controler or NIC card is the mini-ITX version named DQ45EK.

          It has all the features of DQ45CB. Because it is mini-ITX it has only 1 expansion slot which PCI-e 1x and does not support processors above 65Watt TDP. Otherwise you are out of options..... exept if you can find any 3rd party Motherboard from Asus or Gigabyte.