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    Heatsink i7 2600K question




      I hope you guys can help me with some advice


      I'm building my first desktop for music production and have not yet assembled it.

      I've purchased a i7 2600k and am confused about thermal paste on the standard heatsink?

      1. Is the grey substance on the base of the standard intel heatsink thermal paste? If so, is it sufficent?

      2. I have arctic silver 5. Should I clean off the intel standard and replace is with the arctic silver 5?

      3. I don't plan to overclock the CPU so is the standard setup ok  and should I just put it together out of the box?


      System components

      MB      Gigabyte Z68xp UD4

      RAM 16 GB corsair Vengeance

      PS   Thermaltake xt 775watt

      HDD WD 2 TB black caviar

      SDD OCZ agility 3 60GB

      Case Thermaltake V9 blacx