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    Intel i7-970 guftown


      Hi Intel Tech, or any Folks out there,


      I have a brandnew built with Intel i7-970 guftown. (6 cores with 12 processors).

      I just wonder how can I identify that the processor runs its full 6 cores with 12 processors.

      My system built with Thermaltake Level 10 GT case, EVGA Classified3 motherboard, EVGA GT 570 supper clock GPU,

      16G Coriar memory card (4x4g).

      I can not believe that I render a 13 min. long slide Show in Blu-ray formatted with video and annimation background  using Proshow producer 4.5

      it take over 3. 1/2 hours long just to render that 13 min. long slide show. (When rendering it show using 12 proccesors).

      I just wonder if my processor is working properly or really using its full 12 proccesors to render my show.

      At first I see render with 1.87x speed than few second later start dropping down to the lowest .05X rendering speed.

      My procecesor temperature idle at 27 to 28c degree at all times and the highest temp. is 37 to 38c degree when rendering or at full load.

      it seem to me, my proccesor is not using its full proccesing speed.


      Any idea?..... How can I test my proccesor to makesure it's working properly?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated,




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          I would suggest running the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to determine if your processor is being properly recognized by your system.

          You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at:



          I would also recommend disabling the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology, this feature will force the processor to run at a slower speed in order to save power consumption, so by disabling this feature, the processor will always be running at maximum speed.

          You can disable the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology by going into the BIOS of the motherboard and looking for the right option, usually it is called “EIST”, but the name of the option could be changed by the motherboard manufacturer, so if you have any problem finding it, please contact the motherboard manufacturer.

          Keep in mind that the usage of the cores of the processor is determined by the operating system and any running software, but this is not determined by the processor itself. I would suggest contacting the video rendering software developers to ask them if that software is design to take full advantage of the multiple cores of the processor.

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            Hi Adolfo_intel,


            Thanks for your respond to my concern, the Enhance Intel SpeedStep Technology was disable in BIOS.

            BIOS detecting the proccesor as 12 proccesors as it should and when I rendering my slide show it also, detecting that it is using

            12 proccesors for rendering.

            One of my friend is building a 2600k proccesor at the same time I built my i7-970 gulftown proccesor. His proccesor only 4 cores

            and mine is 6 cores. His computer render same slide show for only 7min. while my is taking 16min. to finished.

            We are using the same application software.


            My concern is. How can I identify that my proccesor is actually using its full 12 proccesors to do its works? No proved.

            I am using window 7Pro (64bits) and window's rating my proccesor 7.7, memory 7.7, graphic card 7.9 and the lowest 5.9 for hard drive.

            My friend his window's rating his proccesor 7.6, memory 7.8, graphic card 7.3 and the hard drive is 5.9.


            I downloaded the Proccesor Identification Utility as you recommended and it shown my proccesor working as it should.

            It is detecting my Proccesor is running at 3.31g instead of 3.2g which is great. The software detecting CPU family 6, I believe that stand for the 6 cores

            but does not show how many proccesors. I just wonder if any Proccesor Software Utility that is actually detecting how the proccesors are working and

            individual handleing its work...


            Question: Does the i7-2600k proccesor is doing better job then the i7-970 gulftown proccesor?

            i7-970 almost double the cost of the i7-2600......

            Best regards,



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              Please keep in mind that the system performance is not determined only by the processor, the performance of the whole system is determined by many components, not only processor, for example you need to take in consideration the amount of RAM, the graphics controller card that you are using, the motherboard itself, etc.

              For a comparison chat between both processors please check this link:



              In this particular case I would suggest checking the video card that you have, and also installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard.