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    Question about i7 2630qm


      Hi all,


      I am going to buy a new computer here soon and I have a quick question.  The choice in processors that I have available to me is i7 2630qm and i5 2410m.  I will be using this computer for personal entertainment as well as the program arcGIS 10.  The minimum processor requirement for this program is 2.2 GHZ.  My question is, would the i7 with a clock speed of 2.0 be able to run this program well with the turbo boost feature or would it be better to get the i5 because of the faster base clock speed at 2.3 GHZ.  I would like to get the i7 because for most other applications it will be better than the i5.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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          The i7 2630qm should be able to support arcGIS 10 using Intel® Turbo Boost Technology while you run it and is a great option for all other  application as its quad core processor  and 6MB of cache, but the arcGIS 10 main site is very detail about hardware requirements: 2.2 GHz minimum or higher. I would recommend checking directly with the the software manufacturer and letting them know your options, so you can get a straight answer on this matter.