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    SR2500 chassis: RAID keeps finding foreign import




      I have a SR2500 server with the active RAID backplane. This server has been running flawlessly with 4x1TB discs for 3 years. I need some more space, so I have changed to 2TB drives.


      The problem I keep running into is that the RAID array keeps getting dropped. When I reboot, the RAID controller says it has found a foreign configuration.

      When I clear the configuration and setup the RAID array completely from scratch, it happens again. (I start a disk format in Centos, 2 hours later I get an error that /dev/sdb is missing, when I reboot the RAID BIOS wants to import a foreign configuration again).


      Could the problem be that I used plain disks (Samsung Spinpoint F4 EcoGreen 2 TB, 5400) instead of verified compatible disks?

      Or could it just be a bad disk?


      I've seen the other thread about foreign configuration import problems, but that seemed to be a one-time event. That is why I created a new thread. Any help greatly appreciated!