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    Configure desktop resolution higher than display resolution GMA 3150 D525MW


      i have an atom D525MW running in a remote location, which is accessed using TightVnc.


      the display attached locally does only have a low resolution (1024x756), as there is no space to attach a big tft.


      nevertheless, i would like to run the D525MW (GMA 3150 graphic unit) at a high display resolution as the software, running there, is optimized for 1600x1200, and i would like to get this resolution when accessing with TightVnc.


      from older notebooks, i know that there is (was) a way to run graphic cards at a higher resolution than the display is able to show. the part of the desktop shown then follows the mouse pointer. the monitor then always shows a limited region of the desktop, like a window moved over the desktop.


      unfortunately, the driver i got for the D525MW does not seem to allow such a configuration.


      how can i solve this? i.e. is there an alternative driver or a utility which allows me to have a 1600x1200 desktop with a 1024x756 display monitor attached?


      thanx for your help!