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    XPS 420 (Intel Core Q6600) vs. Vostro 260 (Intel i3-2100)


      Hi everyone,


      I'm not real tech savvy, so I was wondering if you could help.  My old system (XPS 420, with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4 GHz) is going out and I need a new system fairly quickly.


      I found a pretty good deal on a new, Vostro 260 with an Intel i3-2100 processor, 3MB Cache, 3.10 Ghz), and was wondering how the new system would compare to the old system?


      As far as use, I'm looking to start up an online magazine, so I'll be doing a lot of pdf creating, and some picture modification.


      Will this system work, or do I need to be looking for something else?