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    ESATA drives not accessible on D945GNT


      I have a D945GNT that has been running XP for a couple of years, which I recently rebuilt as Win7 Ultimate.


      I replaced the old internal drives (which had XP on them) with two new WD 1TB SATA drives, connected them to the SATA ports on the D945GNT, configured them as RAID1 and did a clean install of Win7. Works great.


      To complete the rebuild, I next need to connect two WD 1TB ESATA drives that were being used under XP to the rebuilt Win7 system. These drives are NOT configured as an array, but they hold my entire home movie library, and must not be reinitialized.  (the two drives hold redundant copies of the data, but I keep them sync'ed manually, and don't rely on mirroring).


      Under XP, these ESATA drives had been connected to a PCI ESATA adapter card, but that adapter is not supported under Win7, so I decided to connect my ESATA drives to the two remaining SATA ports on the D945GNT.


      To connect the ESATA drives to the SATA ports,  I bought a Nippon Labs ESATAB-2P "adapter" cable/bracket.     


      So here's the problems(s)...


      1) When I go into the ICH7R's settings (CTRL-I), I sometimes see the ESATA drives (as individual drives, not part of the RAID array), but sometimes they aren't visible at all!


      2) And even when they are seen by ICH7R, Win7 doesn't see them.


      Is there something special I have to do to configure the ESATA drives as not being members of the array?  And to get Win7 to recognize them?


      Has anyone used a SATA-to-ESATA adapter cable/bracket?


      Thanks for any advice.



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          I decided to buy a SIIG ESATA PCIe adapter that is supported under Win7.


          I connected my ESATA drives to it, went into Disk Management and imported the drives (they were flagged as "foreign"),  and everything is now working fine.


          I suspect that my intermittent "see the drive/not see the drive" problem was caused by the ESATA drives being powered by a "smart strip" that only powers up when the computer powers-up. And sometimes the ESATA drives didn't power-up as quickly as the D945GNT MB, and thus sometimes they were ready when the BIOS looked for them, and sometimes they weren't.