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    Anyone running 32GB ram on DP67BG




      I am trying to get a 32gb ram system to work on a DP67 main board.

      It does boot an dwork perfect with two 8GB  modules, but as soon as i put in 4 8GB modules then the whole system becomes extremly slow and takes about an hour to boot up to system restore/star repair menus.


      The bios has been updated and downgraded to no luck, same issue.


      Windows 7 professional is supposed to be able to handle 192GB.


      I did find one strange thing., Installing Win7 Home Premium lets you of course only see and use 16GB. But the strange thing here is that the system does not become slooooow at all when all modules are installed.


      This makes me wonder if it is a OS or a main board problem?


      Would be good to know if someone else are having troubles like me.



      I have the folowing hardware:


      DP67BG main board Tested 2040 and 2053 bios

      Intel 2600K i7 CPU

      Memory modules : ADATA Gaming series - DDR3L-1333G     PC3-10666      8GB*2     CL9-9-9-24  1.35V

      Windows 7 Professional (english) and fully updated

      Nvidia - just a simple geforce 210 card

      Fractal design 650W PSU

      Western digital 1TB Black Series sata harddrive


      // Robert

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          Windows 7 Home Premium support only 16GB RAM by design (on 64-Bit only).

          Windows 7 Professional support 192GB Ram (On 64-Bit).


          I believe that your problem is related to Bios. In the past couple of months Intel released Bios Updates for a variety of Its Desktop Boards (5-Series and 6-Series ones),  to fix memory slow boot problems when memory installed where above 8GB.

          I suggest that you wait for mainstream 8GB memory (not gamming ones) to test with your board.

          I am having the same board with you but with 2*4GB Ram installed, but this comming weekend i am installing another 2*4GB pair just to top 16GB.

          I dont have any 8GB modules to test for you sorry, but i read elsewhere in these forums that when you are occuping all 4 memory slot you have to lower the memory frequency in order to give the memory controller "some room" to breath. (Example from 1600MHz to 1333Ghz).

          I would suggesting that you lower your frequency from 1333MHz to 1066MHz just to test your boot-up process.

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            FYI....I just set up a DP67BG with 16GB (4x4GB) Kingston HyperX 1600 PnP with zero issues on bios 2053 (running @ 1600).

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              A littlle update on the problem.


              - Occupying all 4 memory slots with 4x4GB modules = OK


              - 2x8GB Modules = OK


              - 4x8GB Modules = FAIL!


              - Bios 2040 will not boot with more than 16GB installed. (Error 27 on Mainboard)


              - Bios 2053 has been pulled so i guess it was full of bugs, however this BIOS does not give error 27 at boot and bios does report 32GB installed memory.

              But it will be slooooow as hell but only when running Win7 Professional.


              - BIOS 2053, Win7 Home Premium will boot with 32GB as fast and normal as with 16GB, but because of the OS limitations it will of course not read or access more than 16GB.


              - Setting the memory speed to 1066 had no effect.


              - BIOS 2023 will not even boot with 16GB, tested both 4x4GB and 2X8GB



              I am quite certain now that this must be a BIOS problem....Is Intels 32GB spec on the mainboard just Theoretical or have they really really tested it with 32GB in real life? I guess i have to wait for a newer BIOS, in the meantime it would be great to know if intel has some official info about this problem!

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                Update: My customer is now getting blue screens so I will need to flash bios to v2040. Any problem flashing back to v2040?


                I am running v2040 with 8GB (2x4GB) with zero issues.


                Really annoyed at Intel for this.

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                  Did you ever get this sorted?


                  I have since upgraded to bios version 2076, with no apparent fix?!


                  I have 4x8G (32G) sticks which work perfectly well if only 2x8G (16G) are in.


                  I would not recommend the DP67BG board while it's still a beta product.


                  If there is someone at Intel who is reading this, please provide a fix.


                  The complete lack of transparent support (no online support for this, no email support, and you are directed to a mail address - who uses post anymore?) - does not instill a great sense of customer satisfaction.



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                    Have you tried any of these links?  http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm

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                      BIOS 2111 was released today. One of the fixes is related to 32 GB of RAM.


                      New Fixes/Features:
                       Fixed issue where SMI Lock bit may set before BSP/AP sync in S3 boot path.
                       Added workaround for system hangs and blue screen errors during high USB usage.
                       Restored HPET setup option.
                       Updated F7 hotkey behavior.
                       Fixed issue where operating system boots slowly when 32GB memory is installed.
                       Fixed issue where some USB optical drives cannot be detected.
                       Updated RAID option ROM to v10.8.0.1303.

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                        I am happy to say I can finally boot with 32G after this fix.