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    TRIM on SSD Raid


      I would like to know if it exsist a chipset supporting Raid and Trim.

      I know that TRIM will be enabled in Windows 7 and Windows 7 will send the TRIM command to SSDs in a RAID array. The question is: On the latest chipset (please indicate which) will pass the RAID software the TRIM command to SSDs?



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          Please note that so far Intel does not have any chipset model that provide support of the TRIM command when the ssd is part of a raid array, this might be possible in the future, but right now we do not have any chipset that support this command in any ssd model.


          Please note that TRIM is an attribute of the ATA Data Set Management Command. It synchronizes the operating system view of deleted files with those that are removed, but not erased on the drive. Trim tells the SSD (solid-state drive) which data cells of the Flash array are no longer in use. This helps stabilize the performance and health of the MLC (Multi Level Cell) SSD over time.


          TRIM actually informs the controller about unused space, allowing the controller to continuously manage resources for best performance.


          The issues that TRIM helps with has to do with the fact that on flash memory, the data cannot be overwritten, the cells must first be deleted, which can only be done one whole cell at the time. This is true for both Single Level Cell and Multi Level Cell (SLC and MLC), but the fast writing speeds of SLC reduces the performance impact of this, therefore TRIM is not necessary on SLC drives.