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    What path does the transfer of data from one IDE device to another follow ?




      I was trying to educate myself on how the transfer of data from one IDE hard drive to another with either both located on the same channel or on different channels works ? I am trying to understand what path does the data take once someone uses software (i.e. Windows Explorer) to start the process. As for myself I believe the data travels from the one drive through the southbridge chipset and then to the other drive located on the same or different channel ? For this discussion the drives do not need to be on the same channel. It could be a hard drive on the primary channel and a CDROM drive on a secondary channel for intent and purposes. Does the hard drive data "(or CDROM data) leave the path and travel to the Northbridge via the PCI bus to say the AGP for any reason ? I can see data being sent to the Northbridge and then to the AGP video (yea I know its obsolete) to show the progress the data is making while the data is being transfered from one IDE device to another.


      I would be happy if anyone would share any details what path the data is following while this process is occuring.


      Thanks in advance


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