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    How can I disable the remote capability of an AMT or Intel® VT-d capable processor? I've been having problems with my PC. It's being remotely controlled even after I zero-filled it.


      Whenever I boot up, i can't  go to the bios settings until the 2nd reboot. It either hangs or asks me  to press F2 first. I've already replaced the cmos battery several  times.


      I  cleared the cmos by placing the cmos pins at the clrrtc mode and  returning it to the default mode but after that it no longer goes to  bios. it just hangs after the checking nvram message.


      Here's the message at boot up:


      Press F8 for BBS pop-up (I noticed that before it showed, press ESC for BBS pop-up).


      The mch is operating with DDR2-533/cl4 in Single-Channel Mode.


      Initializing USB controllers.. Done.




      Checking nvram


      then it hangs.


      What's wrong with the PC?


      Also,  whenever I'm installing, it defaults to EMS installation, which to my  knowledge is remote installation. I tried to disable EMS in dos and i  was able to do it but upon reboot, I could no longer access the  files,  it was already locked.


      Please  note that I am not connected to LAN or the internet so may I ask why my  computer is being remotely-controlled , how and by whom.


      I  have tried reformatting several  times but my installation has been  acting weird. The sequence of the  installation is changing, the fonts  are changing and there was a time  the installation displayed was that  of  windows 98 when in fact what i  was installing was windows xp.


      Upon   installation, I could not access several   applications/features/functions. It indicated that i don't have   administrator privileges. I checked group policy and found out that the   assigned owner is a series of numbers/characters, trustedinstaller,  etc.  I tried to reassign it to my account but it kept reverting.
      Later   there appeared other profiles which i haven't even created and   administrator privileges were assigned to those profiles as well.
      When I rebooted, I could no longer access group policy, services, local policy, dos, etc.
      I have been having net security  issues as well. This has been a recurrent problem.
      Please note that when I've been installing, the internet cable wasn't connected.
      I've   tried researching and in some of the sites I visited, there was  mention  of hacking with the use of emf, so i tried the suggestion to  surround  the pc with foil.
      Initially, I was able  to reformat but after  reformatting, the issue with administrative  privileges recurred. So i  tried to reformat again. This time around,  the reformatting would not  proceed and after several tries it would now  automatically go to a page  indicating that it would proceed with EMS  installation. I did my  research and found out that EMS installation is  done remotely.
      Apparently,  my PC is being  remotely controlled but as to how and by whom is subject  to  investigation which I'd please seek your help on.
      I   tried to surf and found instructions on how EMS can be disabled. I was   able to disable it and was able to proceed with the installation but   still, the problem with the profile ownership persisted. i had no   control over my own account.
      I tried to  reformat  again but this time around i had to surf about boot-up issues  since i  have been having boot-up problems and apparently my pc is being  run  even before my installation cd is on (CMOS kept on changing  settings).
      The  EMS message again  appeared and when i tried to disable it, I could no  longer use the  commands nor access their directory; they were already  locked.
      I  tried to  use disk manager attempting to zero fill the disk but even the  disk  managers i used were acting strange. Either they'd freeze or  they'd  show different disk size or they'd format so fast.
      So  I  tried to check the disk via ms dos and found a hidden volume x:   sources. The volume label is BOOT. I tried to delete it but I couldn't.  I  tried to format it but this is what's being shown:
      formatting 3M
      Cannot format. This volume is write protected.
      Apparently this is whats being run even if I am changing the values in CMOS.
      I tried to research on this but there's only one  site that appeared when i googled : "formatting 3m"
      Cannot format. This volume is write protected.
      This is the ONLY site that appeared:
      Page not found
      When I clicked on the cached data, heres what i found:
      Since   you cannot see it directly, here's what'/s written in Google's cache:   It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 26 Aug 2011 15:44:10  GMT.  The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more
      Text-only version
      These search terms are highlighted: formatting 3m cannot format volume write protected
      In   that page, a similar desription of the 3M volume was posted by a   member: Aristocat. However the page was removed. it was only when I   clicked on Google's cache that i found it.



      Soon  after I tried to open it again to get the info requested in your site, I  can no longer turn the computer on (no post, mobo light is on though.)
      Also,   right after I posted this issue online,  my email account had  been   acting weird. it's asking for the password several times even when  the   password i am keying in is right. I also am not receiving email   messages  or if I do, it will be a day or so many hours late.
      I  have read that one possible explanation how a computer can be  remotely-controlled when it's not connected to the net and the LAN is  disabled is thru Intel's AMT or VT-D. I have not configured my processor  to allow remote control. How can I check if it's running and how can I  disable AMT, and VT-D?
      Also may I ask for your help in disabling the remote-control capabilities of my PC please?
      Thanks in advance for your kind help.