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    intel extreme tuning utility has killed my DX58so2 and i7 PC.


      I really need some help. I Build at new PC with the  DX58s02 board and it worked perfectly for 2-3 months and then it was running a bit hot so I read on this forum the fan could be adjusted with this software. I installed the software and adjusted the fan speed cool. I saw the auto tune button and thought I could use this to adjust the performance. I selected the normal settings mode and  the recovery check box and clicked auto tune. And then the machine would not reboot, it is stuck at 00 on the little LED screen, called support etc. No help reset CMOS, tried to remove parts one by one. then I replaced the board and bamb it worked again, booted my machine after hours of work. Unistalled the software, it didn't uninstall. 8 though maybe I need to reboot. reboot and now this board is the same.