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    Judder with drivers


      I have a i5 2400 that I use in my HTPC running XBMC on windows 7 64-bit professional.

      With the newest driver ( I'm experiencing movie judder.

      XBMC has an option to sync the display refresh rate to the movie in order to avoid judder and this worked fine with the earlier driver(

      Also there is about a 2 sec delay when a movie starts where I have sound but no picture. On the plus side the menus in xbmc are a lot more responsive with the new drivers so OpenGL performance seems to have improved.


      The reason I decided to update was that older driver would fail to give me a signal if I turned on the tv at the wrong time during boot.

      I tried other drivers earlier but got the dreaded BSOD. I also tried the driver but that one won't play any movies at all I just get blank screen and the tv says no signal. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there an older driver version that will give me smooth playback and signal no matter when I turn on my tv?



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          We have tested graphics driver with XBMC on windows 7 64-bit professional and we have not found issues about it.


          I recommend you testing the latest drivers of the HTPC manufacturer, usually these drivers have been customized according the system specifications, instead Intel(R) drivers are generic.






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            Thank you for your reply!


            Unfortunately I built the HTPC myself so there's really no custom drivers from the manufacturer.

            I built it using the following:

            CPU - i5 2400

            RAM- 4GB Corsair Modules

            Motherboard - Asus PH67-M PRO

            SSD - OCZ Vertex 2 60gb


            The latest drivers on the asus support site are the generic intel drivers. I'm having some trouble reverting to them. When I try I'm suddenly getting single digit fps on some movies while others play fine. I'm guessing it has to do with the newer drivers still mucking things up somehow. Anybody have any ideas about how I can clean them from my system?



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              I did some further troubleshooting and found a workaround.  If I manually set the refresh rate in windows to 24hz I get smooth playback.
              Also there's no delay between picture and sound like there was when I had the refresh rate set to 50hz. I figured out that the delay was from xbmc changing the refresh rate. I had the option to synch refresh rate to video enable to avoid judder. If I disabled that the delay went away.


              The workaround is not really optimal but since I only use the htpc for movies it's not such a big deal atm. Won't really work if I ever want to do any light gaming on it though. NES emulators and such.