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    Raid 1 - replace port 0 drive


      I have a Abit MB using the Intel 875/ICH5 Raid (South bridge) and Win XP. Origional setup perfect and previous Port 1 drive fail, replaced and auto maticly rebuilt. This time the Port 0 drive failed, System still boots to OS. In the Intel (ctrl-I) Raid Configuration Util 2003 ver. shows Raid Volumes: 0 Raid_Volume 1 Raid 1 (Mirror) degraded Bootable, HD on Port 1 Normal and HD on Port 1 failed. Intel application Accelerator Storage Util (0.4.6) [Driver iastor.sys version], Intel 82801ER Sata Raid Controller.

      When I replace th failed drive, in the Raid Config Util is shows the origional Raid info but shows the drive on Port 0 as missing. The new drive new drive is shown as non Raid bootable. The only optins shown are: 1. Create Raid Volume, 2.Delete raid volume, 3. Reset Disks to Non-Raid and 4. Exit. Selecting nay one of these gives a message that all data will be lost. Trying to boot with the new drive in Port 0 ignores being able to boot from the Port 1 drive and wants to boot from a CD.

      Since th MB only has 2 South Bridge ports 0 & 1 [ but also has Ports 2 & 3 for Silicon Grafics ], Can I Gost the good drive to a USB drive, tke 2 new drives and make them a new raid 1 volume and then Gost the old image to the new larger array or is there some meta data somewhere that would prevent this??  OR is ther a better solution??


      Somewhere in some fine print, I read theat in a raid volume there is a master and a slave drive, leading me to believe that port 0 is a mster an port1 is a slave. IF the port 1 srive is moved to the post 0 connection, does it become the master??

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          I just tried this yesterday, because Drive 0 had errors. Unfortunatly the raid-system shows me than: failed

          So I think, this wont work I don't know why...

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            I'm having this exact same problem - same board, same controller.  I did one rebuild on port 1 and that was find and now needed to rebuild on port 0 and cannot boot.  RAID BIOS will not rebuild either.


            Any ideas?

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              I had the same "results" over and over.

              Read my discussion "Matrix Storage RAID1 repeatedly marks drive 2 as failed".


              Over and over I marked the subject drive as "good" and rebuild starts.

              I mentioned having tested and swapped drives to no avail.

              After a couple of days the troubles start again and again.

              You probably will get the same results.


              I have dropped RAID on desktop boards entirely.

              Both former RAID drives now behave.

              The only thing is now each day one has to make a backup of the data.

              System drive is done using Acronis each time new programs or patches are installed.

              I feel happier now and it's costing me less time to safe-keep my data.

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                Thanks for the reply - though you're not giving me much hope...


                Sounds like your symptoms were different, drives kept getting dropped?


                I'm not able to boot or get to a point in BIOS where I can even add the drive...  I may be heading to a non-raid desktop as well.