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    Advanced Format and 320 SSD



      i was reading up on the advanced format feature resulting in a 4k sector size

      now i ran fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c: on my 320 ssd and saw that the sector size is 512

      i would have expected it to be 4096

      so what's the deal?



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          It is a little confusing but Windows doesn't actually support 4K sectors natively, only 4K sector drives that emulate 512 sector drives (which all current 4K drives do).  So, you are seeing bytes per sector (logical) which the drive is reporting for compatibility purposes.  You want to look at bytes per physical sector.  There is an updated FSUTIL available as explained quite well here.

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            i used fsutil and it reported the physical sector size as being 512

            so i guess i have the latest fsutil (6.1.7601.17577) (W7 sp1)

            so i guess the question remains...

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              The fact that fsutil reports Physical Sector Size at all means you have the correct version.  I just checked a new Intel X25-M using either Windows native driver or Intel RST and I experience the same thing: fsutil reports both physical and logical sector size report as 512.  I though all SSDs were 4K physical sector size.  So, as you say the question remains...