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    DH61CR: LSI SAS 3081E-R (8x SATA card) in the PCI-e 16x not be detected




      I have build a new system with the Intel DH61CRB3 main board and an Intel Core I3, 2120T processor.


      I tried to install a LSI SAS 3081E-R (PCIe 8x card) in the 16x PCI-e slot.

      The LSI SAS 3081E-R is an: Eight-port internal 3Gb/s SATA and SAS PCIe HBA with Integrated RAID.


      The problem:

      The LSI SAS 3081E-R card is not recognise by the system?!


      In the bios "Configuration", "PCI/PCIe Add-In Slot" the main board give that "Slot7 PCIe x16" is "Not populated".


      I checked the card in another system to be sure that the card is not broken. In that system the card is working fine. The card is working without any problems.


      What I have done to try to solve the problem:


      I have checked the Bios setting.

      But could not find anything wrong.

      Maybe someone has an idea?


      I have installed the latest Bios version: "BIOS Version 0028 - BEH6110H.86A.0028.2011.0715.1815"

      This did not help.

      I saw that in the firmware version 0023 there was something solved with a x1 TV tuner card in the x16 slot that was not be detected.

      Is this a similar problem? But then with a x8 card?


      I have upgraded the LSI SAS 3081E-R to the latest firmware version.

      This did not help.


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

      Or does someone know that there is a problem in with the DH61CR main board?


      Any help is appreciated!