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    high temperature with i7 2600k


      dear experts


      i just got shipped new hardware and testing on transportation issuses. so far the hardware seems fine. i wanted to test my cpu now and downloaded intelburntest2.51, real temp 3.6 and also monitoring the temperature of the cpu via my bios utility from msi. according to the intel specs for the i7 2600k the cpu temperature should not exceed 72.6 degrees. on my machine i am seeing cpu temperatures of over 80 degrees. as you can see on the attached screenshots. the cooler seems to be working fine.

      according to http://communities.intel.com/message/138913 i guess it is a cpu problem. could anyone confirm this? thanks a lot for the help!


      cpu temp 2.png

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          what kind of temperatures you guys have under load with the intel stock cooler?

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            Before concluding the CPU has a problem, other things should be checked and verified.


            Is the Intel CPU cooler connected to the four pin CPU fan header on your mother board?  If so, is any fan speed control software used with your board set to run the coolers fan at top speed when the CPU temperature is high?  Can you see what the cooler's fan speed is during your testing?  What is the CPU temperature at idle?


            What kind of PC case do you have and how much ventilation does it have?  How many and what size fans does it have?  If the temperature inside the PC case is high, then that warm air being used to cool the CPU will limit it's cooling ability.  Video cards, for example,  can produce a lot of heat and heat up all the components around it.  What is your mother board's temperature while testing and at idle?


            Are the BIOS settings for the CPU on default or Auto?


            The thread you posted about high CPU temperatures mentioned that the PCs compared had basically the same hardware, but unless they were absolutely identical, including the PC case, ventilation, the speeds of the fans, and BIOS settings, the comparison is not the same.  The mounting of the CPU cooler is critical in achieving optimal cooling, and is all to easy to have not quite right.


            I don't use the standard Intel cooler with my i7-2600k, so I can't comment on temperatures when using it.

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              Hello and Happy New Year to all who make up the community. Sorry for my English, it is bad. I have a problem, I have Intel Core i7 2600, Intel DP67BGB3, 8 GB RAM1600 MHz Corsair Vengeance, EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked NVIDIA, and a power supply Thermaltake Toughpower 700W. I have this team since March 2011,everything has worked perfectly until a week ago when I noticed the CPUtemparature increased in an exaggerated manner, in the Bios, reaching nearly 95 °C, somewhat brutal. To confirm this install two programs to monitor this temperature, Intel Desktop Utility and Real Temp, both programs gave the same results at high temperatures. Under Windows, when the PC is no load the temperature is between 33 ° and 38 °, load software and DirectX11 games, the CPU temperature rises too high to reach the 97 ° and is there where the software warning Intel Desktop Utility.The strangest thing about all this is that when I touch the processor with my hand (being careful concerned, obviously) the discipador of my processor is warm (as it should be), I do not understand, I hope can help me, Thank you all.
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                I had similar problem with my i7 950.


                Try this:

                1. In BIOS disable option that allows Operating System to modify CPU Frequency.

                Info: Your CPU have 3500MHz - 100 x 35, I think that your CPU is on default seted to have 3400MHz - 100 x 34 but some installed applications from Motherboard DVD controls CPU frequency. In my case that was EPU-6 Engine from ASUS.

                If this not help, reed step 2.

                2. I had bad Thermal Compound/Paste betwean CPU and Cooler. Try with replacing Thermal Paste.