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    Chipset update problems


      Hi there!


      I just installed a new game on my old computer, and I got an error message saying my drivers weren't good enough for it. So I went and check but I can't figure at all how to make things work...


      My version is an Intel 82915 express chipset family (outdated since long, I know ...) I used the driver update utility I found on the site and what I've got now is an Intel 82915/GV/910GL express chipset family, product for which I can't find any info, and the game still gives the error message!


      I spent all evening trying to find a solution or more information, but I'm still empty handed. So I prefer to ask here, hoping for an answer, before giving up and refer to a computer store for help.


      My computer runs on Windows XP, Intel Pentium 4 processor, was brand new in ...2004.