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    When are the 1.8" 320 series SSDs coming?


      First the Intel guys said July.  Now it's mid-September and still not a peep.  Is the 1.8" form factor vaporware for the 320 series?  Anyone have a ballpark timeline for the release?


      This is getting ridiculous.  Intel is seriously dropping the ball here, there are tons of tablet PCs that use the 1.8" form factor and SATA II that could benefit from an SSD upgrade.  I can't even buy the last generation x18m anymore either.   I'm about to pull the trigger for Kingston or Crucial now...

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          As you said it ...you are not alone my friend. There are hundreds of us looking for an upgrade and all the Intel boarders on this forum have gone silent  or they have all been fired ( I hope not ) !   I have seen a couple of online retailers advertise the item on their store but they are all "OUT of STOCK" - no points  for guessing why -  I am pretty convinced that none of the resellers ever received any of these from INTEL or its contract manufacturers.

          This leads me to believe that these drives may  have failed during quality testing and Intel  has not been able to find a fix yet - just a theory but that's the only explanation I could think of.