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    Understanding VBIOS patching


      I'm new to this board. I purchased an ASUS U30Jc. LCD panel is 1366x768 and max VBIOS mode is 1024x768. That means that all my old games I run on FreeDOS that use VESA modes are distorted. I'd like to learn the VBIOS in order to register the LCD's resolution when (before) starting a game and get the best out of my computer.


      I have had a frustrating and disappointing discussion with ASUS Customer Support. Their Spaniglish is terrible and seem to understand 'support' as a transliteration for the Spanish "soportar" meaning 'suffering, bearing" and not 'helping'.


      My system has an NVidia Optimus solution, but I'm able to disable the NVidia coprocessor with ACPI calls on startup.


      lspci for the Intel HD is 8086:0046


      Thanks for any help !