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      My Board was sold to me with a manufacturing defect. The Board, CPU, Memory,

      were purchased new. Due to constraints the build was delayed 2 weeks after the purchase.

      Upon installation of the items the normal boot mode failed at the Windows Splash screen

      and cycled to the Boot menu. Boot in safe mode failed after loading MUP.sys The BIOS

      didn't log any events and there were no Intel messages or warnings during Boot.


      I cleared CMOS and configured BIOS again and Booted from the XP CD and ran

      chkdsk /p from Recovery Console. Al the OS files were OK. I returned the 3 items to

      the Vendor for a bench test and the board tested faulty. They said they would repair it and

      not replace it because more than 7 days had elapsed since the purchase.


      The Board had a manufacturing defect and wouldn't boot, not a failure during use

      after instalation. It was a direct purchase from an Intel authorized seller.

      QUESTIONS, Is this resolution of the manufacturing defect in keeping with Intel's warranty?
      Can the Seller override the Intel warranty?