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    2630M vs 2410M




      Could not find any specs about the 2630M processor on the Intel Website.


      What is the difference between 2630M and 2630QM.


      A laptop with 2630M processor.





      Which is better Core i7 2630M or the Core i5 2410M





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          Currently we do not have any information about the Core i7-2630M, we only have information about the Core i7-2630QM.

          I was able to compare the features between the Core i7-2630QM and the Core i5-2410M, please check this link:



          The reason that we do not have information about the Core i7-2630M, is because this processor is available only on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version, and the information on OEM processors is to be provided by the system manufacturer, since these processors are manufactured according to specifications and requirements of the system manufacturer.

          Our website has information mainly about boxed retail processors.

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            So would that mean that each Manufacturer would have its own specs for a 2630M ?


            Eg. manufacturer A would have 2.3GHZ, manufacturer B would have 2GHZ etc?

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              No, it means that any technical information about this OEM processor is to be provided only by the system manufacturer.

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