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    How to get around POST Halt using SOL


      I have a pretty simple question.  Using Manageability Developer Tool Kit, I have initiated a SOL session with my AMT client.  I select remote reboot into BIOS setup from my terminal.  My BIOS is setup right now to halt POST when no keyboard is connected.  POST stops at the screen I have attached.  The problem is that when I try to continue by hitting F1 or F2 on my terminal side, it does not get through to my client system.  It seems like no remote keyboard commands are getting through to my client at this time.


      What I noticed that was strange was the text in the highlighted red box.  Only when I have SOL session open does this text show up.  Is there a special command that I can use on my terminal side to "skip" to continue the boot process?  If I plug a keyboard in my client and go into the BIOS, then my terminal keyboard works fine - I can control my BIOS with my remote keyboard.


      I know it is something really simple I'm missing.


      Thanks for any help.SOLskip1.jpg