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    Somewhat disappointed with 2nd processors/chipset limitations.


      The second Gen  I7 processors with integrated video on a Z68 chipset would  be nice for low video requirement apps, however the number of available PCI Express  lanes is very disappointing. My requirements are thus (in slot order:)


      1x @ 1x

      16x @ 16x

      dummy slot covered by video card

      16x @ 16x

      dummy slot covered by video card

      16X @ 16x or 16x @ 8x


      I need 2 Nvidia 590 - watercooled and a high end RAID controller like Areca or  3-Ware the 16 port 3 Ware is what I'm leaning towards and it is 8x. Nothing I have found anywhere fits the bill. The best so far gives me 16X @ 8x with configuration, so the  RAID controller would function to fullcapacity, but the graphics would be hobbled.


      Please tell me there are plans for a higher function 2nd gen xtreme processor/chipset combo?!! I have a hard believing Intel didn't consider the needs of extreme users.


      And while on that note: I believe that if Intel designed a 2nd Gen chipset that allowed dual 2nd gen processors using the current 1155 socket profile processors (or whatever becomes the standard socket in the next (few) release(s)) it would sell to the gamers/performance junkies really well. From what I've been reading, I've inferred that the number of lanes available  is tied to a combination of how much data the processor can send/receive to the PCI Express  bus and how the chipsets implement this. So if y thinking isn't flawed (not being a design engineer,) maybe a dual processor configuration would allow for more PCI express lanes and a motherboard configuration that would allow for my needs. I know that I am not alone in wanting 2 16x @ 16x slots, at the very least.


      If there aren't going to be any releases that satisfy my needs in the next 2 or 3 months, then I'll be forced to settle with a previous gen processor, as I can get a motherboard that supports my needs with that.


      Please let me know.