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    i7 2600k temperature 98c



      i've a i7 2600k @3,40 stock frequency and stock cooler, on a sabertooth p67, 2x4gb Kingston hyper-x 1600Mhz.

      In idle temperatures are 50° celsius on cores and in full load with prim95 98° celsius!!! I reseated the cooler, changed TIM, but with no effect. The cooler has no movements. In the bios i've enabled X.M.P for 1600mhz ddr3. If i change in from X.M.P to auto, max temp is 91 degrees that is also very hot.




      My uncle and my cousin have same configuration, same motherboard and same cpu and temp are not higher than 79 -80 degrees with the same ambient temperature of 28-30 ° clesius.

      Is my cpu defective?