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    S5520SCR - Problem after BIOS Recovery


      I guess this fits better in the server forum than the desktop since the S5520SCR is a workstation version of that board.


      Due to some problems after an BIOS update I started the recovery as described here ( http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20287&lang=eng&OSVersion=OS%20Independent&DownloadType=Firmware ).

      Put everything on a flash drive, let it work, couldn't see anything on the screen though (some nvidia video adapter in there). After some time it beeped, and even after waiting for more time, nothing appeared on the screen. By then I switched it off.



      The point I'm at right now is that when I switch it on normally, the POST LEDs at the back will say 0xE7 (11100111) which according to the list of POST statusses is "Waiting for user input". But it won't output anything on the screen, and if the Num LED on the keyboard is any indicator if the keyboard is recognized by the board, well, then it isn't because it won't turn on. So kind of dead end here.


      Now, if I try another BIOS recovery, no video output at all, with a flash drive, the system will stop at POST code 0xD6, which is "0xDy - Trying boot selection y (where y = 0 to F)".

      And it will stay there no matter how long I wait. As for trying it with a CD, I'd be happy if someone could point to a "how to" to create a CD in the el torito format with all those files so it is exactly in the way the recovery process expects it to be.


      So, is there any other chance to get this baby working again or did I manage to make it a RMA case?