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    Strange rear panel USB propblem with DZ68DB board


      I recently bought and installed i7-2600k+DZ68DB+8GB.

      Installed Windows Ultimate 64bit SP1 OS. Updated everything including Intel drivers.

      Everything looked good, amazing even. Until I connected a Microsoft VX-3000 Lifecam. Or to be precise, tried to use it in Skype video call. The video quality was very poor, while the audio even poorer. The other side couldn't understand a single word of my saying, and received about a frame per 3 seconds.

      Tried to record a video with the Lifecam app. Same result.

      At first I thought it's a regular drivers issue. Re-installed it just like the tech books say. Same problem

      Moved it to another rear USB connection. Nope.

      Tried another identical webcam (my wife's). Same story.

      Then, when I was already really frustrated, I connected it to a front panel USB. Vuala. IT WORKS.

      Hey, problem solved.


      But no, I still have the problem with the rear USB connections. To reinsure, I connected a 2.5" 320GB Free Agent drive and tried to copy a large file. At first it looked like everything is OK. After only few seconds it got to the max read speed of the drive, stayed there for few seconds, but then suddenly froze for about half a minute. It froze 3 more times like this till the end of the copy. Re-testing the copy when connected to front panel USB ran flawlessly.


      I have to add that I have a keyboard and Wacom Intous 4 connected to the rear USB. both work great.

      And I also tried the cam when connected to USB 3. Also works without problems.


      So what do you think? Shall I call Intel support?