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    DVI / VGA Driver issue


      Hi all,


      Have spent the last few days trying to get to the bottom of a problem when switching from DVI to VGA cables on some of our pc's.


      I have tracked the issue down to the display adapter driver. However Intel tell me that it is a custom driver and the manufacture of the pc's tell me it is not.


      Anyway I am after the following if anyone has a link or advise.


      Intel Corperation GM45 / GS45 / GL40 Embedded Graphics

      Provider - Intel

      Date - 2009-10-05

      Version -


      I have downloaded the latest version for Intel version dated 2011.04.22. However this does not work correctly and does not seem to be the right one for the chipset ie the version number is lower?


      For anyone interested the problem is that when I switch monitors after a reboot the monitor turns off at the windows logo (as the driver gets loaded).

      We 5 PC's all the same and 3 monitors , some widescreen some not, some DVI and some VGA.

      With the correct driver we can put any monitor on any PC and it displays fine.

      With the other drivers if we change monitors the display turns off at the windows logo and doesn't come back on (even if we connect the monitor that the pc originally worked on) We have to go to safe mode and reinstall the driver.


      Hope you understand, and thanks for any help.