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    Computer freezes completely (nearly only Intel products)




      half a year ago, I built a desktop computer for me and I regulary have the problem that the computer freezes. Nothing works, the display is completely covered with gray and white stripes and the sound is screaming. (Picture of the display is attached). 2011-08-30 21.04.39.jpg

      When I am only surfing and stuff, this nearly never happens, but when playing games it happens on a regular basis.


      I think the problem is an Intel component (as I only used Intel components except for RAM and HDD), so I would be really grateful if someone here could tell me, which component may be broken.

      I already ran the autodetection for the newest drivers here on the intel support page and everything is up-to-date.


      My System:

      Motherboard: Intel DH67CL

      Processors: Intel i7 2600k

      Graphics: I use the iGPU of the processor

      RAM: 8 GB (G.Skill 2x4GB F3-10666CL7D-8GBXH, RipjawsX)

      HDD: WDC WD 7500AALX-009BA0



      Thanks a lot in advance,

      Best Regards,