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    Problem with WinFast DTV200H (LeadTek) and Intel chipset 6 series P67




      i've recently bought a new PC with Intel's P67 on board (MSI P67A-G45 B3) and i have a problem with installing an USB TV Tunner  WinFast DTV200H. I've tried to install this device on many diffreny (8 exactly) machines including two with P67 chipset (mentioned earlier MSI P67A-G45 B3 - with newset BIOS installed - and ASUS P8P67 B3 mainboards). The problem occurs only on those two computers. System can't recognize tunner and in Device Manager it is showed as "Unknown Device". I've also tried to plug it after installing corresponding driver and to install this driver manually from Device Manager, but the problem still persists. Both computers have Windows 7 64bit system installed. Can I ask for some advice?