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    Increase RAID 5 capacity


      I have a:
      Intel ESB2 SATA RAID Controller
      using Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.8, under Windows 7 SP1 x64
      on a Del Precision workstation T5400.


      I purchased the machine with three 300MB drives configured as RAID 5.
      In the last 3 months, after 3 yrs of operation, 2 of the drives have failed.

      Each time, I successfully replaced the drive with a 1 TB drive and rebuilt the array.

      The array volume size remains at the original 600 MB.


      My question is:

      If I replace the third remaining original 300 MB drive with a 1 TB drive,
      will I be able to access the full potential storage of 2 TB without having to take apart the array,
      recreate it from scratch, and then copy the (backed up) disk image on to it.


      Couldn't find this in the documentation or in the past threads.