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    Intel Core i7-2600K BSODs


      Hi. I bought a processor I7-2600K sometime ago, and build my computer, now I have bsods with 101 code, anytime I play games. I dont know what to do. I made a new system, uninstalled some of the drivers, that may cause the BSODs, stressed the CPU out, and after the test, everything was okey. I tried to change the voltage, and other stuff. But i none of these help. Can I get some help from someone from intel ?

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          The issue that you are describing does not seem to be related to the processor.

          In this particular case, I would suggest performing a clean installation of the operating system, and see if the issue continues.

          If the issue continues, then the easiest way to discard the processor is by testing it on a 2nd motherboard, if you do not have any spare motherboard to test with, perhaps you can test it on a friend’s motherboard or by taking the processor to a local computer store.

          If the issue actually follows the processor, which I do not believe, then please proceed to contact your local Customer Support center at:



          So they can assist you with any warranty exchange.

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            You know, I did install my operating system 2 times already. Checked all the drivers and stuff. I havent got a chance to check my processor on diffrent motherboard. And don't know where could i test it ? Could it be a shop called "Click", if you ever heard of it ? And by the way, do you need my .dmp files ? So you can see the description of the bluescreen ?


            .DMP Files -



            Message was edited by: Hryniu Ow.. I will just add the .dmp files.

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              Currently our server firewall will block any attachment.

              I would suggest proceeding to contact your local support center so they can assist you with any warranty option.

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                May I add, we've done extensive testing.


                We've reinstalled windows numerous times making sure all the latest updates and drivers are installed. Memtest has been ran on each stick for 7 passes in each mobo slot and they have passed without error.. I've analysed all the .dmp files and every one has the stop code of  0x101 mainly on core 2 or 4.


                The bios setting have been set to auto to no avail and we've also tried uppin the voltages slightly also without success.


                Being a moderator on a forum the only things we can;t actually try are new mobo or memory, but as memtest passed after hours and multiple passes. I think we can eliminate the board and memory as the problem.


                NemesisUK (Richard)

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                  Did you guys ever had seen a problem like this ? And did you ever had fixed it ? I don't know if I have to send it back to you ?

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                    If you are having this problem only when playing games, then that would seem to be a problem with the video card/video system, or is related to it.  When playing a game, the video system is being used much more than the CPU.  The BSOD could be caused by a lack of power from the power supply, due to the high demand for power by the video card.  While you get the BSOD error code about the CPU, the actual source of the problem may not be the CPU itself.


                    Overheating is another common problem caused by video cards when playing games.  The heat created by the video card affects other components, including the CPU.  IMO, the major clue about your problem is not the BSOD error code, but that your problem only occurs when you are playing a game.


                    A detailed list of all the parts in your PC, including the power supply, video card, CPU and other cooling, and your PC case may help us figure out what the problem is.

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                      Forgot to inform you. I havent got them anymore.. They are officialy gone.. I think windows updated something. Thanks anyway.

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                        The problem came back, its always the same error, called 101.. I dont know if I have to send the CPU back to you INTEL ?, Could you give me a reply about that ? So, I can take actions towards that, thanks.. Or.. If you found a fix for that, just let me know.. Please. BTW: I have that = http://www.carrona.org/bsodindx.html#0x00000101. Thanks !

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                          The Support Community forums are not the places to get in depth help directly from Intel, you need to contact Intel support directly, starting here:




                          If you really want technical support from Intel, that is the place to go.  These forums simply do not serve that purpose, that is not their intent.


                          Since your problem seemed to disappear and then return, it may be useful to you to carefully consider the following: What changed regarding your PC usage, including software, hardware, and personal usage, when the issue stopped occurring.  Next, make that same analysis immediately after the time the issue began happening again.  No detail is to small or large, or to general or detailed.

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                            Remember that you can also find the contact information for your local support center at:


                            They will be able to replace your processor, if it is still under warranty, but I strongly recommend testing the processor on a 2nd motherboard before replacing it.

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                              I would love to do the testing on another motherboard, but I dont know anyone who can do it for me.

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                                Did you resolve your issue?


                                I have the same problem. Even on default bios options im getting BSOD 0x101 (in games, on desktop while botting to os). In my case its even worse i can't bot to windows 7 withouth getting BSOD on stock BIOS settings.


                                My PC:

                                Fresh install of Windows 7

                                Intel I7 2600k

                                Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-P67X-UD3-B3

                                GeForce gtx560Ti

                                RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600 CL8 (8-8-8-24 2T 1600)

                                Cooling - Thermalright HR-02 MACHO (temps are 38-40 idle, stress 60-65 with oc to 4.4 Ghz)

                                PSU 750W OCZ


                                The most stable settings for me was :


                                cpu 4400 ghz

                                vcore 1.305v with Load Line Calibration level 6 (in windows idle 1.320 stress 1.344)

                                vdram 1.550v

                                vtt/qpi 1.200v

                                RAM X.M.P profile dedicated voltage and timings 1600 speed

                                Rest settings are optimal default, voltages on auto.


                                BIOS updated to the latest available. Even tried BETA BIOS no luck same story.


                                NOTICE that i never OC voltages pass the safe setting and i never tried higher CPU speed than 4.4 Ghz).


                                With this setup i was able to log to windows 7 , pass through "Intel Burn Test" (25 runs with 8 threads priority HIGH), prime95 for 5 hours no erros or BSODs, Memtest86 2 passes OK, LinX 25 runs max stress - OK. But i'm still getting random 0x101 BSODS its really strange and annoying.


                                I have tried most everything, now I'm out of ideas need your help guys.



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                                  Just want to say to you, that this CPU works only on Memory with 1066MHz or 1333MHz.

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                                    Are you sure of that? Where did you read it? Because i tried that too no luck.

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