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    DQ67SWB3 does/doesn't detect SSDs




      I have 5 machines, all suffering from this problem.


      Seemingly at random, the system will either not detect one of the two SSDs or loose the connection to one of them. This can happen at boot, but also in Windows.


      When it happens in Windows, it gives me a BSOD and it says something about sataport.sys file. I'm not sure how accurate that is, so excuse me if the filename is wrong.


      For reference, here are the system specifications:


      Intel DQ67SWB3 motherboard with BIOS 0054

      Intel i7-2600 CPU

      2x 4GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9 RAM blocks

      2x OCZ Vertex 3, located on the SATA6G channels (Blue)

      Windows 7 Pro x64 with latest drivers


      Has anyone experienced anything similar? Since it's on 5 machines, I'm more for believing it's a motherboard problem than a problem with the SSDs - I haven't had any issues with these SSDs before.