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    Motherboard died, new mobo same ich10r but raid 5 incompatible at bios-boot raid, failed and became normal at windows




      I had a GA EX58 ud5  motherboard and had 2 raids on this system. Raid0 of 2 SSDs and Raid5 of 4 Samsung 1TB hard disks. Everything was made at bios&boot matrix storage controller (you know the Ctrl-I and make setup before windows load). Windows was working fine and speeds were as they should at file transfers. Never installed the windows part of intel storage management..

      Motherboard died, so i bought a new one, however i didn't want to spend a lot of money because a possible upgrade is near in 5-6 months (3rd gen i7s). The new motherboard is DFI Lanparty JR X58 T3H6 and was chosen because it could handle my ram setup and had the same ICH10R controller at low price, i thought!


      I started the motherboard, prepared the bios settings for raid, shut down, connected the 2 and 4 hard disks of my two raids and started the pc. SSD raid was showing fine but! the 4 samsung hard disks were having a "incompatible" on their lines and there was not raid 5 samsung, showing anywhere. I just couldn't do anything about it from the menus of boot-raid options (8.5.0 version ). In windows (i didn't format, they load fine, for now..) i could see as "not initialized" the samsung raid but i couldn't initialize it, was getting error of can't find target.   I didn't expect to see it in windows,i thought that whatever doesn't show in boot/dos messages will not show in windows but anyway. I decided to make a final effort and installed the intel rapid storage technology

      The SSD raid showed fine and also showed the samsung raid 5 array..but as failed.

      After reading many  discussions in these pages here i decided to risk it and press the "reset to normal" for the failed raid5. I was certain all hard disks were fine 1 day ago, i was certain the problem was just on the controller side and it's bios part. After some few minutes, about 5% of rebuilt, i was able to see and run the contents of the raid, i left it for 4 hours and the rebuild was done.

      Everything seems fine.


      The questions are.     Is this thing stable? Should i return the motherboard and buy a new one?

      The "incompatible" of the boot raid controller menus makes me nervous. How can the controller from the bios/boot side say that he cant handle the samsung raid and at windows (software side?) the raid works perfectly? Hmm it doesn't, the array is "write protected". Can't find a way to undo this ..protection...i guess i must backup immediately, release drives from raid, and try again.


      Update 1. I opened Disk Management of windows, samsung raid showed as read only, i put the samsung raid to offline , then i switched it to online and problem seems solved..


      Still, i am gonna run away from this raid5 asap! Raid10 seems more reliable...

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          As you may know Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology is a software RAID solution, in which all the information on the RAID configuration (like RAID type, size, strip size, etc.) are only saved in the meta data of the disks.


          The problem here, could be caused due to the old version that the RAID option ROM on the system is using, which may not be able to properly detect the information on the hard drives that you installed, which came from another system (probably with an updated option ROM). You can try updating the system BIOS in the motherboard in order to update the option rom of your new motherboard.


          In addition, be sure to always back up the data on the disks. RAID 5 and RAID 10 provide an acceptable fault tolerance, however this is not an excuse to lack of a system back up, which should be always done as a good practice.

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            Thank you for the reply.

            i reached this conclusion myself after a while. However i decided and returned this motherboard and i upgraded to socket 1155 along with i5 2500k. Both my raids were found instantly, i didn't even reinstall windows...All went fine, after properly setting the bios for RAID and hard disks in general.

            Obviously that DFI's motherboard bios had an older part of Intel ICH10r...that DFI mobo died after 10 hours of testing and i returned it ...