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    Problem with DZ68DB Motherboard




      I get a weird colored screen when I try to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

      The same when i've 3D buildings on in Google Earth after a while.

      It takes longer when i've turned off Intel Turbo Boost technology.


      There is no problem when only 4GB is installed.




      Motherboard: Intel DZ68DB

      Processor: Intel i7-2600 

      Memory: 4x 4GB 1.5V DDR3 1333MHz Geil Black Dragon the Ultimate Gaming Experience

      Power Supply: Sweex 650Watt 80 PLUS


      No PCI / PCI(e) slots in use.


      Does anyone know what causes this problem?


      Thanks in advance,






      Processor temperature: 40C

      Memmory temperature: 38C

      Platform Controller Hub: 50C


      Bios is upgraded to the latest version.


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          It seems that the problem is more with FSX. What service pack revision is your Flight Sim X installation and have you tried updating to the latest if it's not already there? FSX is now pretty old compared to your OS and I dare say wasn't thoroughly tested with many 16 GB systems back in those days.


          Also, it's essential that you have the latest and (usually) greatest  drivers installed for your hardware especially the Graphics drivers as this is a graphics issue.

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            I've installed all drivers for Windows 7 64-bit also the graphics drivers.

            I've the same problem in Google Earth so I don't think it's a problem in FSX. I've heard Microsoft Flight comes in the end of 2011.

            Lucid Virtu doesn't work but I've seen that it only works with another graphics card.


            I think it's a problem with the main memory because I've no problem when only 4gB is installed.

            Is the main memory compatible with the hardware?




            My computer restarted suddenly while I was exploring the 3d buildings in Amsterdam with Google Earth. (without colored screen)


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              I dont know if your RAM is compatible but a carefull check of its specs (and there appear to be several different versions of the product you quoted so you'll need to find the exact full details/part number) against the motherboard manual should tell you. Otherwise you could simply email the manufacturer and ask them. If your BIOS recognises all 16 GB correctly and the OS does the same, you could also try running a memory testing program (like the one built into Win 7) but these don't tend to be conclusive in my experience.