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    Lenovo H330 Core i3 crashes when TV connected to HDMI is turned off


      Just got a Lenovo H330 Core i3 processor. Everything works great connecting the PC to the Philips HDTV. I can switch back and forth to other TV inputs with no problems. If I turn off the TV, the PC crashes and needs a forced reboot. I have updated all the graphics software and the BIOS is up to date. I have scanned for viruses and have made minimal changes to the PC.


      I am running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium and all software has been updated through Windows UPDATE. There is no other monitor connected to the PC.


      It is critical that the PC doesn't crash as we are running Skype and await calls from our son who is in the Military overseas and we never know when he will call us. If the PC crashes, we are not alerted that he is calling. By the way, I have turned off Skype and then the TV and the PC still crashes so it is not SKYPE related.


      Your help would be greatly appreciated!