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    Mouse pointer would freeze while within Mavis Beacons Teaches Typing Course Platinum ver.20


      Hi.  I have a problem,but it is not an Intel motherboard that I have this problem on. It is an Asus P8H67 M-LE micro atx board. I've tried Toms Hardware,but no real help came from there. So I thought I would try Intel forums. I have a retail boxed copy of windows XP SP2 that I installed onto a WD Velociraptor 450 GB sata 3 @ 6 GB/s. The cpu is a Core i7 2600 with a Zalman cpu cooler CNPS9000A. An Asus x24 DVD burner within a Numan 2019B case with a 400watt power supply unit. Corsair Ram,1x2 GB stick @ 7-8-7-20. Also an Internal usb floppy drive & digital camera card reader.  All motherboard CD drivers have been installed,I'm using native Intel onboard graphics. Also I have from a CD installed SP3 onto this operating system. It has not been online yet at all.  The problem is that after installing from a software program from a CD called Mavis Beacons Teaches Typing Platinum ver.20. I noticed that my mouse pointer would freeze occasionally. The longer I used it the worse it became. Freezing mainly during the typing games,at start of teaches typing,into settings & at the end. It did migrate to the normal typing area,but I formatted it to install a vista ultimate sp1 operating system & installed the same Mavis Beacons software program,plus all drivers,but nothing happened. I had left it on there for a week & still nothing happened. So I formatted again & unplugged the internal usb floppy driver,card reader & reinstalled another copy that I own of the windows XP Pro operating system,plus all motherboard CD drivers,Asus DVD software & Mavis Beacons gear also. After a while the same mouse pointer freezing happened again & also got worse the longer it was it was on. Also I had noticed that my XP operating system was quite sluggish,the same as the 1st install. I can tell since I had installed an XP Pro x32 bit retail boxed onto a X58 gigabyte motherboard & it is quite speedy. Also I have tried another mouse already & it was a new mouse from another brand. The same thing happened. Well I once again formatted & reinstalled the original retail boxed XP Pro that I had installed on it the 1st time. The same mouse pointer freezing occured whan I installed all the same software that I had installed originally on it. Could you please help me out,because I do not want to install any other software program onto it in case it could be a virus that could move onto a perfectly clean CD. Mavis Beacon was the only software program that I had installed.

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          If the problem only occurs when running the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 20 software, maybe there's a patch available for that software which addresses this issue on systems such as yours.


          It'd be worth getting in touch with that softwares publisher which is Broderbund and see what their tech support people have to say about the matter. In the meantime, make sure all of your system drivers are up to date and for goodness sake, buy some decent antivirus software.

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            Hi.   I appreciate you saying to go & get a patch,but I thought that it would not help. I will explain why. I bought another cougar point motherboard (which has the same chipset as above),which was an Asus P8P67. I also installed another copy that I have of retail boxed windows XP Pro SP2 onto it & this time I used an SSD by OCZ. Which I also tested the Mavis Beacons Teaches Typing ver.20 Platinum. I have had it on there for up to 3 months & still no mouse pointer freezing has occured. Just in case you may think I am illegally using xp,I have got 2 retail boxed XP Pro SP2 & 1 retail boxed XP Home SP2 plus also retail boxed vista ultimate sp1,sp0 & retail boxed windows 7 pro plus ultimate. Just to mention I like to keep all my operating systems,just to test them out in the future. Anyway I would not sell my Vista Ultimate operating systems online through eBay,because I know that I would get nothing for them virtually. Anyway vista os is still good just to browse the internet,even though it is slow. To get to the main point,I can't handle not being able to use my xp operating systems. XP os's still perform better for me than vista or windows 7. So please can someone else come up with another solution.

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              In the absence of someone else chiming in so far, you could also try upgrading your Win XP machine up to Service Pack 3 level. Although this may not make much difference, it's worth trying and you have nothing to loose. I'm not sure why you aren't willing to consider liasing with the makers of the software which seems to be involved in the problems you're experiencing. Having worked as a computer technician in the past, I have experience dealing with bugs seemingly caused by specific products (or at least present when that software is installed) and the first port of call is always to see if the software publisher knows anything about the issue. Even though you've tested on a board equipped with a similar chipset, the board is NOT identical and the slightest change in hardware and (just as important, BIOS coding) may result in large performance and reliability differences. Not all makers stick to 'reference' designs. You mentioned the whole PC becomes sluggish when the mouse pointer problem crops up - what process is task manager say is gobbling up CPU resources when this happens? How is your level of free memory looking at such times?


              If you like trialling all these different OSs you may want to consider subscribing to Microsoft Technet - you get to trial full release versions of almost all of Microsofts recent operating systems on you PC(s) and you get access to the very latest products (including OSs with Service packs already integrated, saving you having to update or make slipstreamed media). I know what you mean about having unused OS media lying around, I have Microsoft Win XP Media Centre Edition (2005) sitting unused after deciding to purchase and install Win 7 on my DG45ID based HTPC instead.

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                Hi once again Flying_Kiwi.    I was going to come up earlier or should I say login,but I just wanted to check what would happen if I put a graphic card in & used it instead of the iGPU or native to the cpu graphics solution. I did do that & used an Asus EN210 SILENT DDR2 512Mb graphic card that I bought from the same pc shop that I bought almost all the hardware from. Low & Behold,it worked better,infact it acts like normal now. Just in case it could be a virus,I will come back in approximately 1 week time & let you all know if there has been any incling of a virus that has showed up again. I have already got service pack 3 on there already,which I installed from a CD. So if you would of read my whole post,you would of seen it as I did type in from a CD.  Anyway if a virus does not show up,then I will think of this as a cpu problem or a fault on my Intel core i7 2600. The reason why I'm saying this,is because I have an online retail boxed XP Pro x32 bit pc. The specifications of this pc is a Intel core i5 680 @ 3.591 GHz to be exact,MSI H55M-E21 mainboard,1x2 GB stick of corsair ram (9-9-9-24),WD Velociraptor HLFS 300GB sata 2 @ 3 GB/s,LiteOn x22 DVD burner all inside a Numan case Model # 2019B with a native 400watt psu. I am using the intel cpu graphics solution or the iGPU. Now the reason why I'm typing this,is because I have for several weeks now installed that same Mavis Beacons Teaches Typing Course Platinum ver.20 on it. It worked perfectly & no mouse pointer freezing problems yet at all. So I'm guessing that this core i7 2600 cpu has a fault or maybe they left out something that they had put into the core i5 680. Anyway I will be back in a weeks time approximately to tell you all if a virus should show up or not.

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                  Hi again. I forgot to mention that I went through my pc & thought it had acted a little better than before. Even before I installed that Asus Graphic card. The reason why I have typed this down,is because I unplugged that pc with that mouse pointer freezing problem from the power point. It has been unplugged since last friday. Only battery power. I had all good intentions of taking this pc into the pc shop that I had bought most of these parts from to get repaired. Instead I went to Toms Hardware forum & than Intel's forum. When I replugged it into the power point & rebooted into the operating system it showed an improvement in speed when I click from here to there (mouse pointer would think too much & the double bump) or go from one place to another. Although it did still take some time,but not as bad. That was before I installed the Asus graphic card. After installation of graphic card it seemed to stay the same in reaction time when clicking to go from one place to another. So I do think that maybe there could be some kind of a virus or even a fault that I do not know of. Only because I took it out of the power grid supply for almost a week,is the reason that I think there is a virus still. I have had similar problems that I have cured by taking the pc off the power grid or unplugging it from the power point supply. Although these problems seemed to come back most of the time,so it seems that what I done was only a temporary solution.

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                    If you install decent Antivirus software on the PC then you'll significantly minimise your chances of the PC becoming infected by a virus - saving you all that worry.


                    If installing a discrete graphics card makes all the difference to this problem but you'd prefer not to keep the card in the PC then try changing some of the graphics related settings in your PCs BIOS to see if it makes a difference. My Intel based PC has settings for the amounts of memory reserved for different aspects of graphics functioning.

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                      At least Intel's forum have got at least a few ideas. Toms Hardware forums seem to me to be full of crap.