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    DH67GD won't sleep


      Hi all

      Recently I built a system using a DH67GD with an i3 2100 / 8G 1333 RAM as an entertainment unit. I installed Windows 7 64bit SP1, then installed all the latest drivers from the Intel site.

      That all worked great, I did various CPU and RAM tests and it all looked fine.

      Then I installed my aging PCI Xonar D2/PM, and now the system won't automatically enter sleep mode. It'll do so from the Start menu/Sleep command, but not from the timer in Power Management. The sound card itself works properly, as does the rest of the system, just no automatic sleeping.

      I used the  Xonar Unified Drivers 1.41 which are modified from the Asus 1794 drivers, and I guess someone will tell me to uninstall them and use the official Asus drivers. I'm wondering though, if the inability to automatically sleep is a PCI bus issue that keeps the system awake.


      The next step I guess is to remove the Xonar, install a PCI NIC (for axample) and see what happens, but I thought I'd ask first. I also seem to have had issues with power managment in every version of Windows that I've ever used (all of them...) so it may be that.


      Any help appreciated