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    HD 3000, HDMI BSOD Fixed, more bugs leaved


      Last driver version 15.22.50 for integrated to CPU video (Core i7-2600 for me) fixed bug with BSOD in igdkmd64.sys on connecting HDMI display, but there are other problems in this release:

      My config is Asus P8H67-V motherboard, Core i7-2600 CPU, AMD Radeon 6950 VGA Card, Windows 7 x64.

      I use iGPU Multimonitor in BIOS - it enables Both integrated GPU and discrete and is used to connect more displays to PC (use integrated ports to connect displays, but renders and etc works on discrete card).

      Problems are:

      1. Connected one HDMI Projector to integrated HDMI port and two DVI monitors to discrete card - all works ok, BUT I can not move projector to the right by the main screens, it appears only to the left, then I try to move it to right one or more times screen goes BLACK and only mouse cusor is visible.

      2. Connected two HDMI Projector to integrated HDMI port and DVI port by DviToHdmi converter and two DVI monitors to discrete card. Color music begins here: all screen (on integrated and discrete) start blinking asynchronously - first - second - fird - fourth, repeat... Screen goes black and back and repeat...


      What to use HDMI port or DVI with DviToHdmi converter does not matter. One work only left of main screen, two not working at all (blinking).


      I have not tested working two HDMI monitors only without iGPU and discrete card, but i think what results may be the same. So for beginning just test two HDMI monitors to on integrated card.


      I expect a fix, thank you for your attention!