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    Z68 and Old SSDs in Hybrid HD/SSD Setups




      I have a 1TB HDD and an intel X25-M (1st gen) in a Z68 board configured in "accelerated" mode. I would appreciate if you check out the performance of this kind of setups. I know that you have new hardware designed specifically for this purposes however as you may know, when using old MLC disks as cache the read and write speeds of the volume may change drastically to the point that the SSD can be slower than the HD. In extreme cases the MLC SSD stops I/O operations for some seconds, probably because it is reorganizing its internal data. When this happens I can't avoid to think that you should work a bit more on your drivers/firmware because as I understand the system can keep writing/reading from the HD while the SSD is in this state.


      Thank you very much.



      Isaac Lascasas.

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          There is no benchmark or reference table publicly available to quantify the performance difference that you will notice when using any of the RAID options provided by Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology or using Intel® Smart Response technology.


          In this case if you would like to evaluate the performance of your system using an older SSD that was not natively validated for Intel® Smart Response technology, you can go ahead and try it under your convenience, however we do not evaluate the results using those mature products.