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    Intel HD 3000 and CAD? Please Help




      A few of my colleagues and I have been provided with new laptops (Windows 7 / Intel core i5 / HD3000 graphics) and  we are having problems with the display using CAD programs, especially Microstation but also programs like photoshop.


      The display of lines is often broken, grainy, dashed and this is hampering us in our work as architects.  Clearly indecipherable graphics are not acceptable in a professional environment where care is required.


      I have tried updating drivers and researching the internet for solutions but while I can find upteen instances of people complaining about this, I can't find anything that will solve the problem.  I have spoken to Dell, the manufacturer of the computers and they don't know what to do.  Neither do Bentley the suppliers of Microstation.


      Our computer support guys helpfully suggest that the HD card is "very weak" and not up to the job - so we should buy different laptops with a better card!


      Is this true?  Is there anything I can do to improve the situation, or should I be getting the old computers with ATI / Nvidia cards back from the store?


      Any suggestions gratefully received, even if it is what we should buy in the future!