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    i7-875K (unlocKed) locked??


      Hi everyone,


      I bought a i7 875K two days ago on eBay. It's used already, but works fine, and it's seen as a genuine 875K in the BIOS, in Windows 7, and in any other monitoring program.

      The K series have an unlocked multiplier (compare to standard processors, locked to max. x22). The problem is, mine seems locked! The multiplier is locked to max x22, I can't get it higher anywhere, in the BIOS or from Intel's Desktop Control Center.


      I also have an Intel motherboard (DP55SB) and I flashed the BIOS to the latest version yesterday.


      I contacted Intel directly through their chat service, but the operator answered that, although the K series are explicitely made for being overclocked, Intel does not officialy support it and couldn't give any help.


      So it would hurt to know that I spent more than $300 in a special-overclocking processor whose multiplier is locked!!


      Thanks for any help

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          Although Intel does not officially supports overclocking, since overclocking is under customer’s risk, you can test the processor on another motherboard that has a BIOS capable of supporting overclocking features, to see if that solve the issue.

          Also since you purchased the processor at ebay.com make sure that it is not a counterfeit processor, you can do so by calling Intel Customer Support center and providing all the information on top of the processor as showing here:



          They will be able to tell you if that is an official processor, or an engineering sample.

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            Thanks for this. The problem is, the IHS has been sanded to the copper layer, so that the nickel plating (and what was written on it) disappeared. I found it strange at start, but when I saw "875K" in the bios, i was eased. When I saw that the multiplier was locked, though, I started worrying. The only number I can still see on my CPU is the ATPO. I will look around if there's a way to make it authentified by Intel.

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              Okay. According to the Intel Processor Identification Utility I just downloaded, the chip is indeed a pre-release one, not intended for sale and resale. This is just a 870, not a 875K. I contacted the seller through Paypal's litigation system.