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    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (V10.6.0.1022) issue




      1)I have formatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows (Win7 SP1 Home Prem 64bit)

      Downloaded the newest Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility and RST (

      Installed chipset drivers had to reboot after that.

      Try to open the RST setup to install it. It says setup has been damage.

      So i downloaded it again same problem

      Figure it out that you can install it over an old one like V10.1.0.1008 but not on a clean intall

      of windows


      Now try to do it this way


      2)Now i make a F6 diskette with the files on it

      Reinstalled win 7 ( with F6 option to load the driver)

      Seems to work.


      Went to the device manager and yes i can see

      Intel(R) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller

      Checked the version

      OK it's

      Installed the Chipset Drivers

      Still ok

      I'm beginnig to install the videodriver

      Still ok

      Now i reboot the pc

      After the bios is loaded a black screen popup with the follow text

      Windows can not startup because of a hardware change


      I need to do a system restore

      After that it starts again

      But after a few boots the message is there again (not all the time)


      To make a long story sort i reformatted nd installed windows with the old version of RST (V10.1.0.1008) and latest Chipset drivers(V9.2.0.1030)

      3 days later still no issues