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    D510MO realtek NIC intermittent -cant make sense of this




      I've got a d510mo that's about a year old.  I'm trying to use it as a media streaming box so I've just loaded it with Win 7 x64 ultimate edition. I have all patches installed from the Intel web site and all Microsoft patches - so I think it is up to date.  This is also a new build so there is nothing other that microsoft and intel software installed.


      The problem I am having is with the realtek NIC.  It will only respond to 5% or so of pings but the weird part is that I can copy files OFF the box at 80 megabytes/sec (SSD in source and destination) while copying a file ONTO the box goes at best 1 megabyte/sec and frequently fails.  The only other relatively reliable function is getting a DHCP address.  There is a much longer list of things that dont work - DNS lookups, web traffic of any sort, remote desktop.


      My theory is that I must be having CRC errors on the inbound network traffic since I can copy files off the box.  The problem is that I can't get any diagnostics to show me the problem.  The Realtek diag tests well, Perfmon comes up clean.


      My question is what diagnostics may be available to better pinpoint what's going on.  In addition to the realtek diag tool I've also loaded wireshark.  All it tells me in the case of the missing pings is that the d510mo doesn't see them (probably due to crc issues).


      Thanks for your help.