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    Intel 4965AGN Windows 7




      I'm having real problems with this 4965 on Windows 7. The computer will sometimes see the networks, however will not connect at all.


      The computer is a Dell XPS M1330. I've done a clean install of both 32 and 64bit windows 7, updated to the latest BIOS and also tried older BIOS, I've tried multiple drivers, including the most recent and earlier versions, I've changed the channel on the router from 6 to 11 to 3 to 8, I've upgraded my router firmware (other devices are connecting fine) I've tried the computer on other wireless networks and it will not connect. I've installed the Intel WIFI connection utility and it still won't connect. I've disabled and enabled the card on multiple occasions, I've removed and reinstalled the device, I've shutdown the computer and removed the battery to discharge the MB.


      I've contacted Dell and they were no help.


      Originally I upgraded from Vista to 7 and the wireless connected intermittently, it then dropped out. After much reloading drivers etc. I did a new clean install to windows 7 32 which failed, then 64 which also failed.


      I'm starting to run out of options and would really appreciate any input as to what I am missing.





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