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    Strange DQ67OW Problem (Random shut downs and 2 BIOS beeps!)


      My friend recently gave me an Intel DQ67OW motherboard as he could not get it to post. I had a look at it and notices a couple of the pins on the processor socket were out of line so I put them back in place using tweezers and a microscope. I have subsequently built a system up to test it and it was giving me the 2 bios beeps for no graphics, this is strange as the board has onboard graphics and I'm testing it using an i5-2500, which definatly supports onboard graphics.


      I got round this by sticking a (very) old pci-e graphics card in that I had, and ATI X600. Using this I managed to get the system to boot so I built up a machine out of the components posted below at the bottom of this post.


      Windows installed fine with no errors and I was happily updating windows and installing my programs when the system shut down. There wasnt any warnings or blue screens or errors. Just complete loss of power. The system will then restart no problem with a press of the power button. I have taken the system out of the chassis and built it on a piece of wood using the most simple components. I have been testing it with Prime95 and the temperatures are all fine.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on the random shut downs or no onboard VGA working? I have looked through BIOS to make sure it isnt disabled.



      Board - Intel DQ67OW

      CPU - i5-2500

      RAM - 4GB Corsair XMS3 1333

      PSU - 430w Corsair Builder Series

      HDD - 500GB Segate Barracuda

      GPU - ATI X600 (only using as onboard graphics wont work)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!