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    DH67GD no splash screen on HDMI


      Hi experts,

      i recently bought a DH67GD as an replacement for existing configuration. I use Win 7 as an upgrade from Win XP so i had to switch from AHCI to IDE.

      When i first booted with the new board i discovered an error, in Win 7. After changing the default setting from ACHI to IDE everything worked nicely via DVI.


      I had some issues with HDMI, i guess the board did not detect the monitor reliable. So - and that is the crucial point - i changed the video settings to:

      ) Internal Adapter only

      ) Primary Port: HDMi


      After that setting i had no splash-screen anymore on neither DVI, HDMI nor DisplayPort. I tried 2 different HDMI Screens (1 new SAMSUNG TV, one 24" HP IPC Panel) and none of them showed the Splash-Screen or the BIOS-Configuration or the Boot-Device-Selector. I think the functionality is still available, but i can not operate the BIOS configuration blindly.

      The System boots fine directly into Windows 7 and the first thing isee is the Windows Start-Screen. Quick an reliable  but with no chance to get into the BIOS anymore


      What i tryed so far:

      1) Update via Intel Integrator (within Windows 7) --> worked, current BIOS Version = LH6710H.86A.0125.2011.0705.1517eng

      2) I removed the Battery from Board and all external connections (power, video, USB,...) but the CMOS-settings did not clear, because the system still boots into Windows (and as mentioned above: my Windows 7 cannot boot with default settings AHCI)

      3) I removed the CMOS-configuration jumper in order to update the BIOS via USB-Stick but that did not work - probably i had to press some keys in order to start the process - but i do not see anything on my screen

      4) I pressed F9 after power on - but again -i suppose the system wants me to press certain keys, but i'm "blind"


      Could you please help me to get into BIOS again (have to do some important settings).


      thanks for your patience.


      regards Mike

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          Finaly i managed to find the solution myself - thanx to a similar posting .

          The splash-screen came up on the vga-port (the only one i did not try :-)

          I got into Bios reversed my video settings to "AUTO" and everything came up on HDMI as it should.


          maybe that helps another dude.