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    Server not booting



      My Server has been working great for almost 6 months but has just failed on me.  It has not moved location and no hardware changes etc...
      It is no longer able to boot and was attempting to start every 10 seconds or so with the fans spinning up briefly and stopping again almost immediately.


      After a few attempts there are some bios beeps and the process starts over.


      The motherboard is an INTEL SERVER BOARD S3420GPLC with a XEON X3430 CPU.


      I first of all removed all hardware except 1 stick of memory and the CPU which has the same issue.

      I then tested the Server PSU on another PC and it works fine and the PC CPU has the exact same symtoms on the server which I believe rules out a PSU issue.

      I then took out the motherboard and tested from the desk on foam to rule out some sort of short from the chassis though since it has been fine for some months now this was unikely and more to rule it out.


      I dont have a replacement CPU or Motherboard at the moment but have tried various of the 4 sticks of memory each with the same result so assume the issue is down to motherboard or CPU.


      Current Hardware


      XEON X3430 2.66GHZ SKT1156
      VENDOR PART: BX80605X3430



      I need to build 2 more PCs this week so have ordered the following which I should have by Tuesday and hopefully I can further test with.

      Core i3-540/3.06GHz 4MB QPI DDR3 LGA1156
      Intel BOXDH55PJ Classic series Motherboard LGA1156,                                                

      Other info:

      Opening it up, when it first attempts to boot, the motherboard lights are green.  After a few attempts at booting, the small indicator light goes amber just before the bios beeps start.


      This tends to make me think the CPU is more likely to be the issue but is really a guess.

      Removing the CPU and the board only light up with no fan movement, which again sounds normal motherbaord behaviour.


      I will contact Intel support when the open again tomorrow but if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime would really appreciate any advice.